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Because all coconut coir pith soil amendments are not equal, iCoir focuses on removing the guesswork from buying this amazing plant growth media.

Developing the most superior coco coir pith materials exclusively sold to leading distributors and manufactures of coconut based products is imported to iCoir.


Because iCoir coconut based materials are used by home owners and gardeners around the world to maintain great lawns and gardens, as well as the professional commercial plant growers, iCoir takes it's responsibility seriously to provide the highest quality materials possible.


iCoir coco coir pith products are 100% organic, environmentally friendly, very sustainable, plus provide  amazing results when used correctly.

                                         GardenCoir TM 




Turf & Lawn Coir TM (TLC)







Sold only in bulk to commercial grass seed distributors.

  Sold only in bulk to commercial importers, plant growers or bulk material operations who repackage and supply popular garden centers everywhere!

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