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WARNING - All coconut coir material and importers are not the same. Here’s why…


Below is a “Stop Sale” order, AKA, notice to a warehouse in the State of Oregon to stop selling a shipment of coco coir pith from "who knows where" Asia.


The import supplier is an India born cocopeat supplier, known in the Northwest US, who ships container loads of cocopeat material to the US.  A cocopeat import supplier must meet all Federal and State guidelines that pertain to each shipment and sale. 


Many major USA coco coir importers merely buy their material from multiple low price, low quality broker locations in India and elsewhere, who's locations may stock poor and “polluted” coconut materials, material that is below any standard an American buyer wishes to accept, if they only knew more about the many cocopeat sales scams played on America cocopeat buyers by Asian suppliers.


Be aware of the “fast talker” coco coir salespeople who use their advantage and knowledge of knowing where to buy low cost poor quality coconut coir in India and Asia to represent as a higher quality material.


Many Asian suppliers buy from multiple coco coir locations in southwest Asia (huge wholesale clearinghouse coco coir warehouses) at low prices, then sell at a false higher quality price material to supplement and increase their low profit margins.


Coconut coir pith prices normally are dictated on Ec level and material quality. Many India suppliers try and foll US coconut coir buyers by say their material Ec level is low, but compared to what testing method? Some India suppliers say that they ship only from one coconut farm, but truthfully, they are not connected with any coconut farms, merely a warehouse who sells to many exporters like them. The truth is they have no idea where their material came from and what unsanitary condition the material was washed in, mostly horrendous third world farm sewage septic holding ponds where husk are soaked to loosen them before shredding. That gives the finished material the deep brown uniform color.


What concerns iCoir is how much low quality of coco coir material enters the US. Poor quality lowers the commodity’s reputation as a superior substrate, plus the public’s confidence in coconut coir pith products and the quality suppliers.


As a leading USA based coco coir importer, who sources raw material from only from well managed coco coir farms, iCoir does not buy from wholesale coco coir warehouses who source material from farms with unvaried standards of quality, and without sufficient amounts of clean fresh water for cleaning the material.


A single bulk load container load of “contaminated” coconut coir could be devastating to a US buyer’s operation and/or their customers grow operation.


Don’t take chances. Buy only from those coconut coir importers who personally travel to inspect the operation where the material originates and who buys direct from growers. To check, Google an importer’s “Bill Of Ladings” online to see just how many coconut suppliers they buy from. More than one or two suppliers could mean trouble, unless personal overseas onsite grower inspections are conducted.  

              Garbage Sold As Coco Peat   (below) 

The photos below represent coconut based material containing huge amounts of cheap coconut fibre, dust, sand & whatever else, but sold as "High Quality" higher price coco peat. In reality the coconut material is very very low quality, low price level material. It is also common for suppliers to sale one metric ton or more of India dirt and/or sand mixed within each shipping container load of their coco peat material. Think of it, buying one metric ton of dirt / sand for $800-$1,200 shipped from India.

Don't be fooled. Buy your coco peat from a knowledgeable US manufacturing supplier who personally inspects and manages their overseas material supply-line, plus their material processing operation.
Don't take chances, buy your coco peat direct from a reputable American supplier, so your next load doesn't look like the cocopeat garbage below.

IMG_0041 (2).JPG
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